Front Entrances

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Your front entrance is the focal point, the “face” of your home that beckons and warmly welcomes family and guests to your home year round. A well designed front entrance will create a lasting first impression, as well as add value to your property and greatly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Your front entrance is an integral component of the front landscape of your home. It must complement your home’s architecture, textures and colours, as well as surrounding landscaping elements such as walkways, gardens, trees and lawns to provide a harmonious balance with your outdoor environment.

Your front entrance must also be as functional and enduring as it is striking and inviting. The highest quality products together with the experience and expertise of your landscape design specialists at Landtech Design, will ensure a front entrance that will generate attention and welcome guests for many years to come.

Let Landtech Design work with you to design a front entrance that connects and augments the elements of your home and landscape for a cohesive look and feel.

Our amazing work

A front entrance that sets your home apart while creating a beautiful “fit” with its natural surroundings. One that creates an inviting transition into your home with an inviting “face” to proudly greet and welcome you and your guests.